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JAT has been working with IBM® VisualAge products since 1997. Due to the wide acceptance of VisualAge, JAT established a consulting arm specifically focused on the use of these products. Our VisualAge consultants have provided support in the following areas:

  • Installation and configuration of the VisualAge environment
  • On-site VisualAge product training
  • Consultant and mentoring services
  • Complete design, management, and implementation services
  • Conversion of legacy systems to VisualAge
  • Modernization of older systems using VisualAge tools

JAT, in partnership with IBM®, is expanding our involvement into their WebSphere family of products. We are offering exciting new services to clients including:

  • Installation and configuration of WebSphere
  • Web enablement for legacy systems
  • Enhancement, replacement, and upgrades to existing Web-based systems
As we expand further into Web and e-business areas, we will continue to keep our clients informed through these Web pages, timely e-mails, and our presence at regional trade shows. Please remember to visit our Web site for these important updates.

To help us continue to improve our service offerings and better understand your future needs, we are conducting a brief survey. Please click here and take a few minutes to share your opinions and concerns or click here to return to the home page to learn more about JAT. On average, the survey will take 1 minute to complete.

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