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Great Plains provides cost-effective tools for managing information about employees and applicants. Tight integration among Great Plains applications ensures information is instantly available across the system; since information is entered once and available everywhere, opportunities for data entry errors are reduced, Payroll and Human Resources professionals gain time to spend on more strategic issues. Using Great Plains, you also can be assured of accurate, timely pay runs, satisfying your number one customer - the employee.

The Microsoft Great Plains Human Resources/Payroll Series is easy to implement - a complete solution can be implemented in a few weeks. And the Human Resources/Payroll Series is just as easy to use - that means real productivity gains for your payroll professionals and lower consulting and training costs, resulting in substantial ongoing savings for your organization.

Because Great Plains is a complete solution, integration with General Ledger is seamless, as well. Payroll expenses, tax liabilities and other payroll transactions are posted to General Ledger when they are posted within Great Plains, again eliminating redundant data entry and improving the efficiency of the accounting staff. All Microsoft Office products are fully integrated allowing for full use of Excel, Word and other tools to access payroll information.

The Human Resources/Payroll Series' Employee component tracks a broad range of information, far beyond basic demographic data. Attendance is tracked using time codes that also can be used to generate employee paychecks.

Because of Great Plains' tight integration, any benefit information entered within the Benefits/Deductions component will appear automatically throughout Great Plains. Deductions will be taken from employee paychecks automatically, and information about employee benefits will be available to authorized personnel throughout the system.

Employee pay is the fundamental contract between you and your employees: They work to achieve your organization's goals, and they have a goodwill expectation that they will be paid for their efforts in a timely and accurate way. With Great Plains Payroll you can ensure your organization meets this fundamental employee expectation.

Efficient data entry processes within Payroll, and seamless integration with other Human Resources Series components, improve payroll specialists' productivity and increase accuracy. Routines and checklists provide step-by-step support for payroll specialists, reducing their learning curve and simplifying payroll processing.

On-screen inquiries and drill-down capabilities make it easy to uncover key information quickly and simply. As with other components of the Human Resources Series, Payroll offers comprehensive reporting capabilities that help you ensure compliance with government reporting requirements and provide valuable insights into your payroll expenses.

When you create paychecks, it's vitally important that taxes are calculated accurately. Great Plains' Payroll tax maintenance service ensures the accuracy of your payroll tax information, providing updated software whenever tax rates or formulas change. With Payroll tax maintenance, you're assured that your paychecks are calculated using the current federal, FICA and state taxes, and you can be sure W-2 statements and other supported forms are always accurate and up to date. The changes are simple for you to install and guaranteed to be accurate.

If your organization has chosen to outsource its payroll processes, Great Plains also integrates with leading payroll service providers such as ADP, so payroll data can be easily imported into General Ledger and Human Resources without re-keying.

Your employees can easily maintain their own personal information in Great Plains Human Resources and Payroll. eEmployee is a web-delivered application, so if your employees have access to the Internet, they can enter their own changes, answer their own questions and resolve their own issues-quickly, easily and conveniently. Passwords, document approval and role assignments ensure that only authorized employees and personnel have access to the records, which assures confidentiality. You decide which change requests require approval before personnel files are updated, guaranteeing accuracy.

JAT is an authorized partner and reseller of Microsoft Great Plains Human Resource/Payroll, Financial Management, Distribution and CRM software products. For more information, please call 800-580-2595 ext. 476 or click here to request information via email.