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With Great Plains, strategic information is available when you need it. Powerful reporting features uncover employment trends and help HR specialists assure compliance with ADA, FMLA, EEO, OSHA, COBRA and other mandated programs. Because the Human Resources Series is just one element of the enterprise-wide solutions available with Great Plains, including financials, CRM, etc., integration with Payroll and General Ledger is seamless as well. Great Plains is only a step away from the paperless office; only the government reports that must be printed are on paper; everything else is online and instantly available.

Great Plains is flexible enough to match your existing business practices and to change as your organization changes. Great Plains supports an unlimited variety of interview forms, orientation schedules, benefit plans, review forms, pay rates - all the information you need to effectively manage hiring and employment processes. Additional definable fields and windows throughout the system provide support for your company's unique information needs. Great Plains enables you to define organizational structures that match your organization; as positions and departments change, so can the structures you've defined.

The Human Resources Series provides the tools you need to identify top candidates, track them through the interviewing process and stay in touch with them until the position has been successfully filled. The Human Resources Series' Applicant component streamlines and standardizes the hiring process, helping to ensure every applicant is treated equitably and every candidate is interviewed consistently. Individual applicants can be associated with an unlimited number of job requisitions and unlimited work history, educational information, skills - even interview notes - can be maintained for each applicant. Resumes can be scanned, then attached to applicants' records, eliminating the need to maintain this information in paper form while ensuring accessibility. Powerful query functionality makes it easy for HR specialists to identify candidates with highly specific skill sets that match the criteria for open positions.

Employee benefits have become a key tool for drawing and retaining employees. The Human Resources Series' Benefits/Deductions component makes it easy to define and track benefits and to generate letters that outline benefit options for employees. Use this component to enroll employees in plans, to set up cash accounts for medical and child care expenses, and to track a multitude of accrual options, such as seniority-based leave. You also can use the Benefit/Deduction component to track employees' usage of FMLA leave and the costs associated with it, and you can create letters for exiting employees informing them of their rights under COBRA, while maintaining a record of the employees who have been notified as required.

The Human Resources Series' Employee component tracks a broad range of information, far beyond basic demographic data. You can track attendance using time codes that also can be used to generate employee paychecks, define and track disciplinary plans and individuals' merits and demerits, and maintain salary and promotion information, injury information and workers' compensation claims.

With the Employee component, you can schedule performance reviews and notify employees about upcoming review sessions. A category weighting and scoring system captures extensive supervisory comments and proposed wage adjustments.

Your organization's training efforts have a place in the Human Resources Series, as well. Detailed information about training courses and individual classes can be tracked, along with employee enrollment. When employees complete training courses, their skills information can be updated automatically.

The Human Resources Series' comprehensive reporting capabilities make it easy to understand and act on critical employee issues like absenteeism. Human Resources also provides extensive reports that address such government requirements as I-9 employment eligibility and OSHA injury reporting.

Human Resource's Skills Query capability helps you instantly scan your pool of applicants, as well as internal resources, to match skills to open positions. Not only does this make it easier to find the right candidate for the right position, Skills Query can also help you identify potential skill shortages in your workforce, enabling you to proactively train and hire for future skill requirements.

Compensation Management allows you to run "what if" scenarios with salary and wage adjustments. By calculating the adjusted compensation for a group of employees, you'll be able to quickly compare the change to current compensation, as well as to other groups in the company.

Your employees can easily maintain their own personal information in Great Plains Human Resources and Payroll. eEmployee is a web-delivered application, so if your employees have access to the Internet, they can enter their own changes, answer their own questions and resolve their own issues - quickly, easily and conveniently. Passwords, document approval and role assignments ensure that only authorized employees and personnel have access to the records, which assures confidentiality. You decide which change requests require approval before personnel files are updated, guaranteeing accuracy.

JAT is an authorized partner and reseller of Microsoft Great Plains Human Resource/Payroll, Financial Management, Distribution and CRM software products. For more information, please call 800-580-2595 ext. 476 or click here to request information via email.