"The JAT Payroll Interface has allowed our company to better integrate our ADP Payroll software with Microsoft Dynamics GP."

Justin Webb - Perceptive Software

Microsoft Dynamics GP - JAT Payroll Interface (JPI)             

For Microsoft clients utilizing ADP for payroll, the JAT Payroll Interface (JPI) delivers a full-featured and reliable link between Microsoft Dynamics GP™ HR Management and ADP payroll. JPI's unique bi-directional design bridges the gap of operational inefficiency by streamlining processing between HR and Payroll. It enables a "best of both worlds" scenario – the strategic benefits and ROI of an integrated HRMS without the administrative and compliance burdens that accompany an in-house payroll.

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With the power and flexibility to support a best-of-breed application strategy, JPI provides the ideal balance of efficiency and functionality - avoiding the cost and risk of a custom integration or an incomplete interface solution. Our table-driven design enables you to easily transform employee data and updates from Microsoft Dynamics GP HRM to ADP without modifying programs. With this procedure, users are relieved of manually entering the same information in both systems. After checks are issued, detailed pay data is returned from ADP to Microsoft Dynamics GP and is accessible via the HRM Self Service Suite for Microsoft Business Portal.

Key benefits of JPI:

  • Cuts payroll processing costs by minimizing redundant data entry
  • Improves data integrity by reducing keying errors
  • Extends HRM Self Service by enabling employees to view their paychecks
  • Expands HRMS reporting capabilities with the addition of payroll data
  • Allows HR to remain independent of payroll outsourcing decisions

  • JPI is a two-way data exchange that is highly customizable and simple to maintain. The export from Microsoft Dynamics GP to ADP provides for the extraction, validation and translation of updates made to an employee record in HR; including new hires, employee status changes, time/earnings transactions and one-time deductions. At user-defined intervals, or on demand, JPI creates an export file in the required ADP format to update corresponding fields. The process includes a complete transfer activity and exceptions report, providing a payroll supervisor with proper controls to validate and confirm the data transfer.

    Conversely, after the ADP pay cycle is complete, JPI extracts paycheck detail from the returned ADP checks file and updates Microsoft Dynamics GP payroll tables by invoking the existing manual check processing routine. This backfeed option, unique to JPI, supports the consolidation of HR and payroll data - expanding inquiry and reporting capabilities, while broadening the personal information available to employees.

    The purpose of JPI is to provide a vendor-supported solution that maximizes the value of critical business systems. Of course, JAT will be there to ensure your success by providing comprehensive professional services, technical support, product enhancements and updates, and complete software documentation.

    "JPI is much better than the system we had previously. It allows me to have more control if I need to change a deduction code, etc. And since only the changes are transferred to ADP as opposed to all of the data, there is less information to audit. I really like the functionality of the product."
    Richard Teeter

    AirTran Airways

    "Our integration between Microsoft Dynamics GP HR and ADP is seamless with JPI. It has freed our staff to focus on other priorities. Just a phone call away, the support staff is knowledgeable and quick to respond to our questions."
    Vida Martinez

    P2Energy Solutions

    "JPI allowed us to streamline the HR process by making Microsoft Dynamics GP our system of record. It's easy to use and the JAT staff are great to work with."
    Laura Rinaker
    Columbia Distributing

    "The JAT Payroll Interface has allowed our company to better integrate our ADP Payroll software with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Our employees are now able to view their paystubs online through a portal maintained by our team, allowing us to save valuable time and money."
    Justin Webb

    Perceptive Software, Inc.

    "We purchased Microsoft Dynamics GP HRM, but abandoned it due to the lack of an ADP interface. After discovering JPI, we were able to use the GP HRM software again. I love JPI. It is extremely user friendly and if I have a question, the answer is a phone call away."
    Laney Kahn

    The Petroleum Place, Inc.

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